Stibo Systems: Graduate – Software Implementation

Stibo Systems: Graduate – Software Implementation

We are passionate about data and new technology that can help companies with their digital transformation. We welcome others who are driven by the same passion for innovation to make a difference for businesses, consumers and society. We empower employees to think independently, get excited about new ideas and make it everyone’s responsibility to add value in everything we do in order to build a smarter Stibo Systems.

Do you find tech fun? Are you intrigued about how things work and usually the one to solve tech challenges? Do you find it easy to explain complex stuff so anyone can understand it? Then you may like a career in Software Implementation. 

This is who we are 

Stibo Systems is a Nordic company which invents, builds and sells a software that enables cool brands like Adidas, Sony and Toyota to know everything they need to know about their products.  

Stibo Systems has been around for a while and we have offices across the globe – whether it’s in Tokyo or Amsterdam or Bogotá or Sydney – we are there. Our company is made up of strong, confident, independent and fun people. So, now the questions is.. 

Are you ready to get started?  

We have teamed up with our centre for innovation Accelerator to run a graduate career path spanning across three global locations: Aarhus in Denmark, Hamburg in Germany and Atlanta in Georgia, USA. We are really excited about this project – can you tell? 

Your life as a Grad at Stibo Systems 

Imagine that your career starts September 2021 with a year-long program during which you will work with our people leaders and teams on both technical, functional and global projects. You will be instrumental in teaching us what you know from your studies as much as learning from us, the best in the industry, what we know. 

One thing we promise you is that not one day will look the same. Expect to be busy – there are tons of people who will want to meet you including our senior leaders. You have a potential to kick start your career in a company that is truly a great place to work. 

Your Development 

It would not be fair to go to a grad program and not have time to develop – that’s why we aim to have you graduate with the following acquired skills: 

  • Completion of a 5-day bootcamp and learning our platform STEP 
  • Prince 2 qualification which will give you the ability to run projects of any kind 
  • Certificate in Strategic Communication 
  • Workshop on the importance of Coaching Culture in business 


Our Criteria for Your Success 

So what does it take to succeed? You will need to fit into the following criteria: 

You like to find out about things  

All our people need to have a true curiosity to learn about things as we are all connected in some way or another. You can’t sell our software if you don’t know enough about it in the same way you can’t build a software that will sell if you don’t know who is likely to buy it. Get it? 

You like to build relationships with people  

Everything we do is in collaboration with people. Alas, it would help if you naturally liked to create relationships. Together you will grow and be successful – whether you end up becoming one of our subject matter experts or take the leadership route. 

You get things done  

Software never sleeps and one thing we promise you now is that the world changes – fast! And you will need to keep with it – learning new things, putting those learnt things to practice, seeing what works and learning from the failures. As Mandalorian would say: “This is the way” – and this is what you will learn to master here. 

You are resilient  

In order to innovate you will fail a lot first – but that’s how we get better – by not giving up and by keeping trying. To be successful you need to have this mindset too – and grit. A lot of grit. 

You are able to lead 

It’s about seeing the bigger picture of how what we do today affects the success of our business tomorrow. You will be able to recognise that your actions all interlink to something much bigger – and it’s your clarity that we will be seeking. 

You have the right education background 

  • You are a Bachelor/ MA/Msc graduate with a strong degree classification from subjects such as Computer Engineering, Information Technology or Information Communication Technology 
  • You are fluent in English 



If you’re ready to get started, please send us your CV, your answers to our questions and a short statement telling us why you think this would be a great journey for you. We invite candidates for interviews on a continuous basis, so please apply as soon as possible.  

Should you have questions about the program, you are also welcome to contact me personally on

We look forward to hearing from you. 

More about us

Stibo Systems is the master data management company that enables enterprises to become data-driven.In a world of complexity and uncertainty, we provide stability and transparency. That’s why some of the world’s most renowned brands choose to work with us. The Stibo corporation has existed since 1794. Today, Stibo Systems is held by a foundation, which allows us to focus on the long-term development of a strong product portfolio and obsess about servicing our customers. All without the interruptions of mergers and acquisitions.Being a global company with Danish roots, we’ve been delivering solutions for large, complex customers since our inception. Today, more than 700 employees in 18 global offices work closely with our customers to build and manage a single transparent, trusted source of data.