Admill: Finnish Copywriter

Admill: Finnish Copywriter

If you want the perfect student job with a lot of flexibility, responsibility and a lot of hands-on experience, then this is the job for you. We are or the person who can help us grow our finnish site 

Job description

We need someone fluent in finnish,who can help us write new content and improve existing content. You will use most of your time writing about consumer loans, setting the text up in the right way and ordering or making some graphics for it. You will also get to help with writing text for email and Facebook ads.


  • Write articles
  • Write landing page texts
  • Write emails
  • Write Facebook ads

What you will learn

To help you be good at this job we will teach you how to write articles and landing page texts that receive great traffic from Google. We will also teach you how to craft email and Facebook ads that make conversions. You will get some experience in analyzing new topics to write about and analyze how the traffic to the site is developing. 

We have experts in all these disciplines, who will assist you and teach you how to do it. We have also invested in some online courses that help you get on a high level fast. 

About Admill

Admill is an online company that is developing comparing sites to help users make the right decisions. We are focusing on around 15 websites, where some of them are very successful and others still have a lot of potential.

We are a young team with a lot of students who are going to work like you. The culture is very entrepreneurial and with a flat organizational structure.   

Personal skills and qualifications

We expect you to have a great curiosity for online marketing and business development. We do not expect you to have much experience, but you need to have a strong interest in working with marketing in a fast growing online business. Instead of experience, our recruiting put great emphasis on personal traits. We expect you to be a proactive person with a can-do attitude who is eager to learn. Candidates engaged in relevant education in marketing, may have an advantage, however there is no specific requirement regarding education. We encourage you to apply for the job, if you believe you are the right person for the job.

Send your application and CV in English by sending an email to: We will be conducting interviews on an ongoing basis.