A Place for Students and the Corporate World to Meet

In Studenterhus Aarhus we strengthen the relationship between students and the corporate world.

We host regular career events where students and companies can meet, and we're constantly looking for new ways to promote networking between the two.

Among other things we plan student advisory boards, where students visit a company for 3-4 hours to brainstorm a problem given by the company and then offer their insights on the matter. 
We also host job crawls, lectures, breakfast meetings and many other events. 

You can keep updated on our activities in the calendar, through our Newsletter or on Facebook.

We facilitate student jobs, internships and project collaborations. You can look up the job ads on the Job Portal.

Your Connection to the Companies of Eastern Jutland

80% of all job positions in Denmark are filled through networking. So how do you gain access to these jobs?

In Studenterhus Aarhus we host a number of different career events structured to help promote and strengthen the professional network between students and the corporate world.

If you wish to build an even closer relationship to the companies of eastern Jutland, and if you want to have an influence on which activities we should have in Studenterhus Aarhus, you can volunteer in our Business Group - a minimum of Danish skills are required. Read more about the Business Group here.

Your Connection to the Students in Aarhus

In Studenterhus Aarhus we are in contact with more than 50.000 students on all the higher educations in Aarhus, and know the different studies.

You can use us as your sparring partner, knowledge centre and recruitment channel when you want to collaborate with students. We can advise and help you throughout the process when you need an intern, a student worker or want to collaborate with students in any way.
We are happy to visit your company for a meeting, if you want to learn more about how your company can collaborate with students.

Contact: Liv Kappel, email: liv@studenterhusaarhus.dk

Your company can become a Business Member of Studenterhus Aarhus and get free recruitment year round, receive information on relevant career events and regular updates on the educational life in Aarhus. Read more about Business Membership in the right side menu under "Become a Member".


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