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Conditions for volunteer work at Roskilde Festival (EN)

Conditions for volunteer work


As a volunteer, you will be having 4 x 8-hour shifts during the festival. Two of these shifts will be placed during the warmup period, and the two other shifts will be placed while the music is playing. You have the option to prioritize between shift packages.

You are required to be present half an hour before your shift at the assigned meeting place. Your shift is not over until the Shift Manager from Studenterhus Aarhus ends it. After every shift, you must hand in your vest, radio, and other equipment to the shift manager.

If you fail to appear for your shift, without valid reason, Roskilde Festival will charge you 3.750 DKK. If you are not sober for your shift, this will be considered as absence. This will result in your wristband being cut, and your deposit revoked. Studenterhus Aarhus is, as an organisation, obliged to report absence to Roskilde Festival.


You will be camping on equal terms with the rest of the guests. There is an opportunity, though, to reserve a spot in the volunteer camping area. This is your own responsibility. You can find more information here:


Transportation will be available before and after the festival. We aim at leaving Aarhus so that we arrive at Roskilde Festival immediately before the first shift begin and returning to Aarhus immediately after the last shift ends. More info TBA. If you reserve a seat on the bus, but fail to appear for it, your deposit will be revoked.


Your deposit is 300 DKK, which you will pay when you register. When the festival is over, your deposit will be paid back in full, if you participated. If you are prevented from participating, and you let us know at least one month before, you will receive your full deposit. If you are prevented but fail to let us know until less than a month before the festival, you will only receive half of your deposit. If you are prevented and do not notify us, you will lose your deposit. The deposit is unaffiliated with Roskilde Festival, but is necessary for Studenterhus Aarhus’ administration.


Please notify the Shift Manager if you are prevented from completing your shift due to disease or illness, even if your shift does not begin any time soon. We reserve the right to send you to the first-aid team if there are doubts about your ability to work. They are tasked with determine whether you are fit to complete your shift, or if we must find a replacement for your shift.

Personal Data:

When you register as a volunteer with Studenterhus Aarhus, we collect some of your personal data. We process your personal data with the aim of informing you of practical information concerning your volunteer work. In some instances, we will pass your information on to third parties to let them know about the composition of our volunteer group. When you register as a volunteer, you agree to the processing of your personal information. We collect, among other things, your name, email address, age, and other relevant information. In case of breach of contract, and an inability to agree on the consequences thereof, relevant information will be handed over to Foreningen Roskilde Festival, with a view to exclusion from the festival. This personal data policy is object to change. Visit our web site regularly to keep updated.