Student Counselling

Do you need someone to talk to?

We all do. Feeling the need to be listened to and supported is very natural and human. And being young and a student comes with an unique set of challenges and anxieties. Especially, if you study in a foreign country, away from everything and everyone familiar.

Free counselling

We are offering confidential talks in English for all students. If you are dealing with stress, loneliness, negative thoughts, anxiety or other troubles laying heavy on your heart,  you are welcome to contact us.


Petronela Gabajova is a therapist in training, certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She is an international herself and knows how it feels to move to a new country with a different culture and the anxiety that comes with it.


Petronela will hold sessions every week at De Studerendes Hus (building 1442 at Aarhus University campus).


Naturally, everything you decide to disclose during the meeting is strictly confidential.

 If interested please send an email to Sigrun at or call at +4550456696. All information will be handled with discretion.