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Samskab Aarhus (EN)

Samskab Aarhus

Through 2019 and 2020, we at Studenterhus Aarhus, in collaboration with Samskab Aarhus, have the privilige to distribute 100.000 DKK to volunteer co-creation projects made by students in Aarhus. So if you have a great idea that can make a difference in your area, this is the time for you to apply for funding.

Your project must:

– Be inclusive and available for everyone, and work across social divides, ethnicity, age, and gender

– Promote community

– Be run by volunteers who are students in Aarhus

– Use the city’s outdoor space or nature areas one or more times. (Your ideas on how to use the city’s outdoor space or nature does not have to be complete. If you project obtains funding, Samskab Aarhus will help you finish these ideas)

The funds can be used to acquire what you need to start and improve on the project. They cannot be used for day-today operations, salaries etc.

How do you apply:

It’s easy to apply!

Fill in the form to take the first steps toward making your volunteer project real. The form is in English. If you need help filling out the form, please contact Studenterhus Aarhus, or get a friend to help.

Send your completed for to

Do you have issues editing the .pdf? You can open the pdf. in Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit it. You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader for free HERE.

Idea catalogue

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