Here you can download high quality logos and other elements.

Studenterhus Aarhus' logo must be placed on all printed and digital publications. Our logo creates consistency on all platforms, and is the one element that defines Studenterhus Aarhus as the sender. The logo consists of the logo-symbol and the monogram, and these two elements cannot be seperated.

If you have doubts or questions to the use of Studenterhus Aarhus' logo, please contact our marketing coordinator. The marketing coordinator can help you create the best possible design for your publication.



Janus Priess

Tlf: 40 90 40 64



The Small Guide to File Formats:

For use in programmes such as the Adobe-package (InDesign, Illustrator etc.), please use vector-files.

For use in the Microsoft Office-package (Powerpoint, Word etc.) and online programmes such as Canva, please use PNG-files.






Primært logo, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-navy.png

Primært logo, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-rosa.png

Primært logo, sort: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-black.png

Primært logo, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-white.png


Primært logo, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-navy.pdf

Primært logo, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-pink.pdf

Primært logo, sort: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-black.pdf

Primært logo, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Logo (primary)/logo-primary-white.pdf


Free Zone:

The free zone defines the area around the logo that must be kept free from typography, frames, trimming, and other graphical elements (except for the element tag, on top of which the logo can be placed). The free zone is necessary to make sure that the logo appear clearly and without disturbance. The free zone is defined by the size of the logo, and correspond to the height of the logo.



The use of certain fonts is a big part of creating cohesion and recogniseability. It is important that you use the correct fonts, and that you use them in the right way.

All text must be oriented left, and you are only allowed to capitalise the first letter following the grammatical rules of the language that you are writing in. You cannot use ALL CAPS.

In order to utilize the fonts, you will have to download the files, and install them in your Font Book. You can install the fonts by double-clicking the file and accepting the installation. In many cases you will have to restart the applikation that you are working in in order to enable the fonts.



Header: Chivo Black

Download font: /Filer/Downloads/Fonts/Chivo-Black.ttf


Sub-heading: Barlow Semi Condensed Bold

Download font: /Filer/Downloads/Fonts/BarlowSemiCondensed-Bold.ttf


Text: Barlow Semi Condensed Regular

(In some cases, it can be necessary to mark certain words or sentences with italics. If you want to do this, please use the font Barlow Semi Condensed Regular Italic)

Download font, regular: /Filer/Downloads/Fonts/BarlowSemiCondensed-Regular.ttf

Download font, italic: /Filer/Downloads/Fonts/BarlowSemiCondensed-RegularItalic.ttf




HEX: #343762

CMYK: 100 60 10 30



CMYK: 0 35 10 0

Adobe Swatch:

Download swatch: /Filer/Downloads/Colours/colors.ase



You can use the element tag to create interesting designs. The element must be placed on top of the background. If the background is coloured with one of the primary colours, please choose the element tag in white, and change the opacity to 50%. If the element tag is used on a white bakground, please use the element tag in pink with the opacity set to 100%.

Change opacity:

Microsoft Office:




Tag 1:




Tag 1, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-navy.png

Tag 1, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-rosa.png

Tag 1, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-white.png


Tag 1, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-navy.pdf

Tag 1, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-rosa.pdf

Tag 1, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 1/tag1-white.pdf


Tag 2:




Tag 2, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-navi.png

Tag 2, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-rosa.png

Tag 2, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-white.png


Tag 2, navy: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-navy.pdf

Tag 2, pink: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-rosa.pdf

Tag 2, hvid: /Filer/Downloads/Tag/Tag 2/tag2-white.pdf


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