Trip to Odense & Egeskov Castle
// søndag D. 29. september kl. 09:00

Alm. pris: 475 kr

Medlemspris: 575 kr

Visit the magical castle of Egeskov and walk in the footsteps of beloved poet H. C. Andersen in Odense capital of Fyn

Far more than just the bridge between Jutland and Zealand - Fyn offers picturesque landscapes and sites made for fairy tales.
Discover Denmark with other internationals as we explore hidden gems of Fyn with a venture to the magical Egeskov Castle and a subsequent trip and walking tour of Odense, Fyn's biggest city.

Member: 475 kr.
Nonmember: 575 kr.
+ 10 kr. ticket fee


09:00 We will go together by bus to Egeskov, making one picturesque stop at Lillebælt - the bridge between Jutland and Funen.

We will spend the best part of the day at Egeskov Castle - wander the hall ways, royal rooms, surrounding garden, the moat and labyrinth.

Here we will eat lunch, which can buy in the café there or bring yourself.

15:00 We will leave the knights and ladies behind and go to Odense, capital of Fyn and birthplace of Denmark’s most famous writer H. C. Andersen – father of the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling and 100s of other magical tales.

We will walk in the footsteps of the famous author, hear tales of a life as heart breaking and magical as the fairy tales themselves, as we pass important sites and take in the charm of Odense’s historical sites.

We end the day with a common dinner at Odense’s popular Street Food Market.

19:30 We go back to Aarhus with arrival around 21:45.

The price of a ticket includes: Transport, entrance at Egeskov, Odense walking tour.

The price does NOT include: Lunch and dinner.

You can bring your own lunch or buy it at Egeskov. We will eat together in Odense. 

**The trip is subsequent to minor changes.

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