Climate Challenge 2019

You can help to save the Wold

The climate challenges that we are currently facing are your opportunity to create a career within the field, and help solve some of the challenges which are currently highly relevant to the social debate. Whether your field is in the natural sciences, engineering, business or the humanities, you and your qualifications are needed.


With Climate Challenge 2019 we bring students and research scientists closer to the business community and the companies, which are right now facing great climate challenges. Here we focus on future business opportunities in sustainable climate technology and get inputs from exciting speakers, who work with concrete climate challenges in many different fields such as technology, communication and tourism.


Climate Challenge is developed under the EU-project Coast to Coast Climate Challenge as a collaboration between Studenterhus Aarhus, the institutions of higher education in Aarhus, Lemvig Kommune and Lemvig Vand & Spildevand A/S, who have developed the Klimatorium under the auspices of the EU-project.


Mark of the days in your calendar already now, and keep an eye on this site, which will be continuously updated with the programme for the different days.


To sign up, click on the pictures below. Here you can also read more about the programmes for the different days.


Programme 2019

Mondag the 04.11
- Hvor meget kan du tjene på klimaforandringerne?
Tirsdag d. 05.11
- How you can save the climate with a career in Denmark
Onsdag d. 06.11
- Kan humanister bekæmpe klimaforandringerne?
Torsdag d. 07.11
- Field trip: Face the Climate Change / Ekskursion: Kom tæt på klimaændringerne
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