The Boring Fine Print:


  • You need to be able to take on 4 shifts lasting 8 hours during the festival period.

  • You will be asked to sign up for a ”shifts package” comprised of four shift dispersed over the entire week. When you have picked a package you are allowed to switch your shifts with your colleagues, but it is your responsibility to make sure that your original shift is covered and that your supervisor is informed of the switch.

  • You will be camping at an equal footing with the other festival guests. You have an opportunity to book a space at the employee-camp (where you must keep quiet at night). This will cost you a kr. 100,- deposit. More information about employee camping will follow.

  • Transport to and from Roskilde: Will be arranged so we arrive and return immediately before and after Studenterhus Aarhus' work at the festival begins and ends. More information will follow. If it’s not practically possible to bring everyone who wants to come, the places in the bus will be assigned in order of when you’ve signed up. If you are assigned a place in the bus and don’t use it you loose half of your deposit. There is a limited space on the bus, so you can’t bring more than one backpack or suitcase, as well as either a tent, a pavilion OR one case of beer or soda.

  • The deposit for registering is kr. 450,-. After the festival your deposit will be returned as long as you’ve participated. If you excuse yourself at least one month before the start of the festival we will return kr. 300,-. If you excuse yourself less than one month before the start of the festival we will return kr. 150,-. If you do not excuse yourself, and do not turn up you will loose your entire deposit. The deposit isn’t related to Roskilde Festival, it is entirely an administrative thing needed by Studenterhus Aarhus.

  • During your shifts. You need to show up 15 minutes before your shift at the appointed meeting place (supervisors need to show up 30 minutes before shifts starts). You don’t get off work until your supervisor says so. After every shift you need to turn in your vest, radio and any other equipment you have been given to the person who is responsible for Studenterhus Aarhus' shift. The shifts usually take place from 07 to 15, 15 to 23 or 23 to 07.

  • Illness (or other reasons you can’t work): Take contact to Studenterhus Aarhus' supervisor as fast as possible, even if there is a long time till your shift starts. We reserve the right to send you to see the first-aiders, who will determine whether you are able to work, or if we need to find you a substitute.

  • If you fail to appear to your shifts without a valid reason, Roskilde Festival will send you a bill for about kr. 3.500,-. If you are drunk or otherwise under the influence during your shift it is considered non-appearance; your wristband is cut and your deposit is lost.

  • Personal data: In connection with registering as a volunteer with Studenterhus Aarhus, we collect some of your personal information. We process your personal data with the aim of informing you of practical information concerning your volunteer work. In some instances we will pass your information on to third parties to let them know about the composition of our volunteer group. When you register as a volunteer you agree to the processing of your personal information. We collect among other things your name, email address, age and other relevant information. In case of breach of contract, and an inability to agree on the consequences thereof, relevant information will be handed over to Foreningen Roskilde Festival, with a view to exclusion from the festival. This personal data policy is object to change. Visit our web site regularly to keep updated.

  • Volunteers receiving unemployment benefits are allowed to volunteer with sports clubs, humanitarian organisations and such, without benefit deductions, as long as you receive your unemployment insurance fund’s approval and comply with any other obligations you have to them. Volunteers who are engaged by a commercial organisation (private company), will not be eligible for unemployment benefits during the duration of the festival, even if they are there on a volunteer basis. Volunteers receiving public benefits (social security, sick pay and early retirement benefits), are duty bound to obtain permission from their home municipality to volunteer at the festival to secure themselves from repayment requirements, benefit deductions, et cetera.


Pay your deposit here:

When you’ve paid the deposit you’ll receive a signup link for the Roskilde Festival’s web site.

Normal rules and regulations applying to Roskilde volunteers naturally apply to us too. Read more here:


If you have any questions you can send us a mail at: or call our "Roskilde phone" on 21 13 59 86.


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