Student Travels

Travel with Studenterhus Aarhus and Scanbalt.

Are you tired of your daily routines? Do you need a break from books and studying in charming surroundings outside the Danish borders? Then hop on a bus and head towards Amsterdam or Berlin with Student Travels!

Studenterhus Aarhus has initiated a co-operation with the travel company Scanbalt Experience. Together, we arrange enjoyable trips that last 3-4 days in the fall semester (October and November). The prices are affordable and specifically intended for the student budget. Food (not all meals), accommodation, and transportation are included so all you have to do is enjoy the trip.

Does this sound appealing to you? Then put away your books and join your fellow students on a fun autumn adventure.

Read more about the tours here on the site.


It is important to remember your membership card at departure! Either the digital one on your smart phone or the physical plastic card. Bring it so you can get the membership discount.


All trips are made in co-operation with Scanbalt.

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