Workin’ Danish language course


A nine-week Danish crash course to prepare you for the Danish job market

Mondays from 9-15 at Studenterhus Aarhus

Start: March 2
End: May 11
Assessment Interviews: February 3 and 10
Sign-up before: February 1 (or until class is full)
Number of participants: Min. 16, Max. 24

Requirements: You need to possess a good basic level of Danish to participate in the course or have completed Module 2 or 3 of a Danish course.

Price: 1.550 Kr.

9 x 5,5 hours of Danish lessons with a teacher from FO Aarhus
+ 5 language lunches with a representative from a local company.

Learn about the Danish job market while you expand your knowledge of the Danish language. The course will take you through themes such as the job interview, the job application and Danish work culture, while focusing on taking your Danish to the next level – especially your oral skills. The course includes 5 lunches at a local company, so you can get firsthand knowledge of work life in Denmark and practice your Danish in a real-life setting.


Programme structure:


Prior to every class you will receive a text and vocabulary to prepare you for the following class.


External exercise: Lunches at a local company

During the nine-week course you will be invited to five lunches with a representative from a local Danish company in order to practice your new vocabulary and gain insight into the Danish job market and work environment. Once you have been matched, you will plan the lunches with the company representative yourselves. Please note that the focus is for you to practice Danish in a real-life setting, we cannot guarantee a match that fits your professional profile or that the match will lead to a job. 


Course themes:
Subject to change according to the preferences of the teacher and course participants.

1) Experiences/prejudices and smalltalk/water cooler conversation

2) The Danish job market: Past, present and future

3) The Danish working Environment, Working Environment Authority, Unions etc.  

4) - 5) The Job Application: CV & cover letter.

6) The job interview.

7) The work place as a social setting: Identity within and outside the work place.

8) Networking - in an outside a professional setting. Volunteering as a way to the job market, social and cultural associations and clubs.

9) The employment plan & steroetypes. 


Level Assessment:

You need a basic level of Danish to participate in the course, to ensure maximum benefit of the course.

Once you have signed up, you well be invited to a short interview to assess your level. This is to make sure that all course participants are at approximately the same level. To ensure a conductive learning environment, we require all participants to have a basic knowledge of Danish, but not have reached an advanced level yet. If you have any Danish course certificates/exam papers, please bring them.
We will conduct the interviews in the beginning of February. You will be informed accordingly.


Dare to Danish? SIGN UP:

Sign-up here:

Registration is binding, and the participation fee is non-refundable, unless otherwise is decided in the assessment interview.

* The registration site is in Danish. If you need assistance in registering, feel free to call Studenterhus Aarhus at: 86183021




Studenterhus Aarhus · Nordre Ringgade 3 · 8000 Aarhus C · TLF: 86 18 30 21