Aarhus Fremad: Join Aarhus Fremad’s Volunteer Team!

Aarhus Fremad: Join Aarhus Fremad’s Volunteer Team!

📢 Join Aarhus Fremad’s Volunteer Team! ⚽️🍻

Are you passionate about football and looking for a new community in Aarhus? Look no further!

Aarhus Fremad (also known as the world’s best team) is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for our home matches at Riisvangen Stadium (also known as “Vangen”). You’ll be helping out with tasks such as serving delicious draft beer, soft drinks, and snacks, assisting at the entrance, serving VIP guests, and mastering the grilling of the legendary Fremad Stærke sausages! 

💚 As part of the team, you can enjoy: 

🍔 Food and drinks during the match, as well as a joint meal in the clubhouse after the game. 

👥 Community and enjoyable events. 

⚽ ️ Becoming a part of one of Denmark’s most unique football clubs. 

💰 Opportunity to earn money for your class or organization. 

Are you ready to become a part of the world’s best team? Drop a comment or send a message to kamp@aarhus-fremad.dk – and let’s go for the victory together! 🏆⚽️

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