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Business and career

Business and Career

At Studenterhus Aarhus, we strengthen the bond between students and organisations.


We host bridge-building events, where students and organisations can meet, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to create networks and connections.

You can meet us at our student advisory boards, where students visit an organisation in order to assist in solving an issue through three to four hours of brainstorming.


Furthermore, we host jobcrawls, lectures, breakfast meetings and much much more. You can follow our work in the calendar, through our newsletter, or on facebook, linkedin and instagram. If you are looking for a job or an internship, or if you are looking for an intern or a student worker, you can check out our jobportal.

Create a network with organisations in Aarhus

Did you know that 80% of all positions are filled through networking? So – how do you access these jobs?

At Studenterhus Aarhus, we host a variety of bridge building events to build and to strengthen the professional networks between students and organisations. If you would like an even closer bond to organisations in Eastern Jutland, and influence the activities we create in the Student House, you can become a volunteer in our business group. Learn more about the business group here. Please be aware that most activities are in Danish.

Your entry to more than 50.000 students

At Studenterhus Aarhus, we are in touch with more than 50.000 students on all the higher educational institutions in Aarhus, and we know the different study programmes. You can use us as a sparring partner, knowledge center, and a recruiting station, when you want to collaborate with students. We’ll give you advise and help you with the process, whenever you need an intern, a student helper, or something else. We’ll gladly visit you, if you want to learn more about how your organisation can collaborate with students.

Contact: Business Coordinator, Tenna Schaldemose, e-mail:


Your organisation can become a business member af Studenterhus Aarhus, and get free recruiting all year round, special offers, bridge building events, and updates from the educational institutions in Aarhus. Learn more about becoming a business member here.