Heymate & Family: An innovative, digital mediahouse


Heymate is a dynamic organization situated in the heart of Aarhus.

The main purpose of our company is to create and invest in successful, digital businesses, in order to facilitate growth and develop opportunities for both companies, entrepreneurs and employees.


Since its founding, Heymate has grown immensely.

In just four years we have created a company consisting of more than 500 websites, two million monthly online-visitors and 150 in-house people, employed in the following companies, developed in the womb of HeyMate:

Heymedia, Heymedia Partners, Bilhandel, Admill and Vores Mediehus.


In other words, a rapidly growing company, especially geographically, as we continue to open offices on a worldwide scale.


Contributing with knowledge, technology and – if necessary – financial and administrative support, Heymate & Family aims to create market-leading companies, while facilitating a culture of great educational and supportive value.