Samsø municipality is situated right in the middle of Denmark with ferry routes towards east and west – and only an hour away from Aarhus with the high-speed ferry. We are around 3700 islanders, who live at the island all year, and when the elder blossoms, then arrives also tourists and seasonal workers and for a while the population of Samsø is booming.


The island is renowned for its unique nature and the beautiful landscapes, the light, the ocean, and the very special island atmosphere.


Samsø is well-known as a green municipality with a very clear environmental profile. The tourism industry and food production are essential for the island and Samsø has in view of its population size a remarkable strong culture and associational life. You can gain an insight into the island life on our Instagram page @tidtilsamsø


Although we are one of the smallest municipalities in Denmark, we solve the same tasks as the large ones. Here is just a much shorter way from the municipal council to the schools, job centre and elderly care. We do not have the same muscles, but we are agile