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Get your job posted (EN)

Get your job posted

Do you need an intern, a student worker, students for a project, or do you have a vacant entry level position? Then you can use our expertise on students and study programmes, and our vast network on the higher educational institutions to reach the right students and graduates.

When you send us your job posting, we’ll read it through and provide competent feedback, so that every word and phrasing find it’s mark. When the posting is ready, we’ll distribute it in our network, and the students and graduates then apply directly with you.

A single job posting costs 725 DKK ex. VAT, and your organisation will then get posted on and in:

– Studenterhus Aarhus job portal

– Studenterhus Aarhus’ facebook page

– Our newsletter, which is devoted to jobs, events, and news, and is sent our multiple times every week

– Student Organisations and networks at different study programmes

Postings must be sent in Microsoft Word format to:

Business Coordinator Tenna Schaldemose,

If you have a picture or a video, which supports your posting, then please send this as well – all our data show that pictures and video provide better exposure and higher visibility.

Become a business member

Get free recruiting of students and exclusive prices for job postings for graduates and entry level positions.

As a business member, recruiting is included in the membership. Furthermore you’ll be able to get 5 postings (graduate or entry level positions) for just 1500 DKK ex. VAT (regular price is 725 DKK ex. VAT).

Would you like to learn more about the business membership? Click below!