Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Studenterhus Aarhus’ International group constitutes Erasmus Student Network of Aarhus. 



ESN is an international Student Network aimed at furthering cultural exchange and creating sustainable social environments for international students. With local sections all over Europe, ESN members work together to further international study environments at a local, national and international level. 

ESN card

The ESN card is your ESN membership card. It gives you access to ESN events and discounts for services provided by ESN partners and can be used all over Europe. The ESN card is valid for 1 year from the date of registration. Please note that the ESN card is not the same as a Student House membership card which provides discounts specifically for Student House activities and services. You do not need an ESN-card to join any of the activities hosted by ESN Aarhus/Studenterhus Aarhus. 

You can get your ESN-card after you have arrived in the city of your exchange.

You can buy your ESN-card in Studenterbaren during opening hours.