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Run for Friendship

Run for Friendship is a running club for everyone – from beginners to advanced runners. We value fun, social, and the positive energy is what’s most important.


Besides training and getting in better shape, we meet for social events throughout the year. Christmas Dinner, orienteering, and barbecues are some of the events we host ourselves, and we also participate in different runs. You’ll get in great shape, and you’ll also meet new friends while training.


We have international students on our team, so all training is in English. 


We run from Studenterhus Aarhus, Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C


We run every Tuesday and Thursday at 17.00

What does it take?

You can participate even if all the running you do is to catch the bus, or if you run several times a week. Your skill level is not crucial for your participation – there is room for everyone. Most important thing is that you’re prepared to have fun.


We run two times a week with professional trainers giving competent advice. We run every Tuesday and Thursday from Studenterhus Aarhus. The training is split into team according to levels, and everyone will be challenged. We all run from the same place and do the same training, with the intensity matched the runners. Our professional coaches create the programme and make sure that there is differentiated challenges. You will be taught training- and running techniques, and our coaches can give you advice on your programming, injuries and the like.

Join us!

It’s free to join. Show up for training on Tuesday or Thursday and take a run with us!