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Volunteer with Studenterhus Aarhus!

As a volunteer at Studenterhus Aarhus, you’ll get social and professional skills you won’t get anywhere else. We are the only place in Aarhus where everything is under one roof. Our task is to build bridges between people, between student life, culture life, and business life. We are a student house, a community, a cultural center, a networking hub, a non-profit organisation, a concert hall, a bar, a social space, a café, a meeting place for students and businesses, a running club, and much much more. Volunteer with us, and make Aarhus the best student city in the world.

Become a volunteer in the Culture Group!

Do you have a cultural entrepreneur hidden away inside? Do you want experience with project management, planning, and execution? Or maybe be the sound engineer at our concerts? Then the culture group is something for you!

In the Culture Group, you can do:

Events: If you have an idea for an event then you’re free to propose it

Booking: The Culture Group books a lot of concerts, and we would like your help!

Execution: Do you want close contact with guests, volunteers and artists? When we execute events, we have some long and fun days. Your job is to get our venues ready, and welcome our guests with a smile on your face.


Booking and events:

The Student House is made up of three elements – education, culture, and business. The Culture Group provides content for the cultural element; concerts, lectures, exhibitions, stand-up, secondhand bazars, and much more – both serious stuff and stuff that’s just for fun. We average about 2-4 cultural events every week, half of which are concerts, and the Culture Group has it’s hand in all of them, either as project managers and planners, or with execution of external events.

As a member of the Culture Group you can create any cultural event you can think of – almost. The Student House’s Producer & Program Responsible will help you create, plan, and execute your ideas, as well as put together a budget for your event. Do you want to create a street art festival, a cheese rolling competition or a lecture on biodiversity? Then the Culture Group is the right place for you.

Execution of events is also a big part of the life in the Culture Group. This is where you’ll get to be on the floor, and conduct your own and the Student House’s events. The Culture Group will welcome the artists, lecturers, and performers, move the tables and chairs, get the room ready, and make sure the coffee is brewing and dinner will arrive on time. The members of the Culture Group are the face of the Student House when it comes to artists, partners, management, and customers – and you’ll meet the customers in the door, when ticket sale is on.

You’ll will also have the possibility to work on sound- and light engineering on our small stage in the café. You will be responsible for all the tech, but you won’t be alone – you’ll have our professional sound engineer with you for as long as you need to, and there will always be other volunteers ready to help.

We expect that you:

– Participate in our meetings

– Are available for volunteering for at least one year

– Can do two shifts a month during the two semesters

– Are willing to be the project manager on at least one project per semester

– Value relationships and community, both in the Culture Group, and in the Student House



Send an e-mail to Heidi, the Student House’s Producer & Program Responsible, at heidi@studenterhusaarhus. Please include some brief information about yourself.

Become a volunteer in the International Group!


The International Group, better known as I-Group, is for anyone who wants a vast international network. Maybe you studied abroad sometime, and wants to help others get the best out of their stay in Denmark, or maybe you are an international student, who wants to expand your network in Denmark.


I-Group does activities for international students on exchange or full degree. We plan and execute introductions for new students in August and January, and create events throughout the semesters for both Danish and International students. We make everything from the famous I-Nights every Tuesday to cultural events, lectures, trips, dinners, language cafés, and career events. This is where international students get to know the rest of Denmark and the Danes.


As part of I-Group, you’re responsible for the planning and execution of our activities. We expect you to take at least two shifts each month, and be the main project manager on at least one project.




Send an e-mail to Sigrun Schaumburg-Müller, our International Coordinator, at

Volunteer in the Bar Group!


Do you want to help create the right atmosphere – whether it’s during a cozy afternoon in the café or at a busy late night party? Do you want to work with both Danes and internationals and get to know more people? Then the Bar Group is definitely something for you!

The Bar Group is the largest of all the volunteer groups in Studenterhus Aarhus. We are part of almost every event, where we provide food, drinks, smiles and kindness to all our guests. We also have shifts in the café, serving hot coffee and helping to create a cozy place where it’s nice to hang out.

As a volunteer in the Bar Group you must be able to work approximately 18 hours per month – around three shifts of six hours or so. You must be able to work both during the daytime, night time and in weekends!

When you start work as a new bartender, you will be attached to one of our 5 bar teams. The group leader and members will make sure to teach you everything that you need to know and they will be the ones that you will share your shifts and your experiences with!

You don’t need to have experience working as a bartender – everyone can join. The most important thing is that you want to help make Studenterhus Aarhus a nice place to be for both our guests and all the other employees.




Write to Niels Overgaard at Remember to include your contact information.