Arla Foods


Arla Foods is the fourth largest dairy company in the world and is based on Scandinavian roots. Today, we are a cooperative and our headquarters is based in Aarhus, Denmark. Our history dates to the 1880’s where dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden formed small cooperatives to invest in common dairy production facilities. This method made efficient use of farmers’ milk and created higher quality products. Profit was equally split between the farmers and a strong foundation for themselves and generations to come, was built. During the years, the small cooperatives grew, became stronger and expanded from local to regional businesses. Thus, in 2000 the largest dairy cooperative merged with its Swedish counterpart and Arla Foods, the first cross-border dairy cooperative, was formed (Arla Foods 2017).


The world of dairy 

Today, dairy comes in many forms and products and most consumers have experiences with certain types and hold a preconceived notion of how a dairy product should be consumed. “At Arla, we believe that milk is nature’s most unique food. It’s the first drink you ever had and it can be a part of a healthy diet throughout your life” (Arla Foods 2017: Healthy living).



Create the future – Grow with Arla

At Arla, we strive to unlock the highest potential in each other while working together to create the future of dairy. We push each other to keep our cooperative at the forefront of the dairy industry, so we can create Good Growth and bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally.


To succeed with our ambitious growth strategy and deliver the highest value for our farmers’ milk, we need a strong pipeline of future leaders why our students- and graduate activities are designed to attract and develop entry level talents that can be part of creating the future of dairy. We are proud of working with talented students and graduates who all have an extraordinary energy and drive and who constantly bring new, professional- and innovative ideas into our community.


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