The Academy of Talented Youth (ATY) | Central is an offer to talented high school and Higher Preparatory Examination (HF) students in the region of Central Jutland. ATY | Central admits high school and HF students from almost all of the region’s youth education institutions to an extended education and learning process, which aims to provide the participants with a continuous course containing intellectual challenges and experiences that stimulate their academic potential, enhance their qualifications in everyday life and strengthen the development of educational competences contemporary with the participants strengthening both their academic and social well-being.


It is furthermore ATY | Central’s aim to establish close cooperative relations between the region´s youth education institutions, further education institutions and the region´s foremost companies. In addition, the co-operation is to be viewed as an undertaking which in the long term helps qualify the companies´ recruitment of new employees. This is especially knowledge-intensive organizations, who can contribute with both academically specialized and business-related aspects and can consider it an advantage to be recognized among especially motivated young people.