Denmark’s largest…

…DIY chain is called BAUHAUS and is part of a large international family-owned business with more than 260 stores across 19 different countries. Since 1988, we have been part of the Danish market. Even though BAUHAUS is Denmark’s largest hardware store, as an employee you do not need to know all 160,000 item numbers. 

At BAUHAUS Denmark, we work with an omnichannel strategy. It lives through the 19 warehouses throughout Denmark and as a part of the web shop. The web shop is located at the Service Centre in Tilst. The Service Centre supports the entire chain with everything from HR, Finance, Marketing, Customer Support, Purchasing, Logistics to IT.

Much more than just a workplace

Responsibility, Customer Orientation, Employee Development, Result Orientation and Collaboration are the 5 most important subjects in BAUHAUS and they constitute our common values and direction of the company.

But our mission, vision and values are not just fine words. They are complied with by everyone from the part-time employee to the director. Therefore, it is not for fun when we say that regardless of your work tasks, you are guaranteed an educational and challenging job with numerous development opportunities across tasks, roles and departments.

Just as employee development is a focal point, BAUHAUS’ own development is a big part of everyday life, where we seek to expand with new warehouses in new cities. This also applies when it comes to new systems and digital processes that can allow us to always provide the best customer experience and help our colleagues to perform at their best. 

Thus, the opportunities for a career in BAUHAUS develop in parallel with BAUHAUS developing.