EC POWER develops and produces mini-combined heat and power (CHP) plants, which produces both heat and power. EC POWER delivers plants all over the world and is the technological market leader within its segment.


The company was established in 1996, and throughout the last quarter of a century EC POWER has sold more than 14,000 plants in more than 27 European countries.


In Denmark, we have a long-standing and strong tradition of utilizing CHP technology, which is a process with parallel generation of heat and power. In traditional power plants the waste heat from the power production is simply released into the surrounding environment without being utilized. CHP plants, like EC POWER’s XRGI®, on the other hand utilizes the waste heat for heating. This means optimal use of energy resources, which saves fuel and money – and is better for the environment.


Constant research and development work means that we can deliver one of the market’s most energy efficient and climate friendly energy production solutions, which our more than 25 patents prove.


EC POWER employs around 100 people. At the headquarters in Hinnerup you’ll find among others our research and development department as well as production facilities, and the central warehouse.


Furthermore, EC POWER is market leading in Germany. Our subsidiary in Germany has been based in Berlin since 2008 and houses our EC POWER Academy, which provides education related to CHP. As an employee at EC POWER, you’ll become part of a strong team of experts; we put an honor in our special innovative strength and spirit. Therefore, EC POWER has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and short decision paths. As an employee, you’ll have an entertaining and versatile working day with a flat structure and an informal work environment.


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