Innovation Lab is Denmark’s first innovation house and has helped both big and small, national and international organizations keeping relevant since 2001. Through keynotes, articles, workshops, seminars, and projects, they provide comprehensive insight into opportunities and challenges for companies and organizations in relation to new technologies, organizational development, innovation formats, and future business.


In 2012, Innovation Lab went from being a regular organization into being an organism, which means they have connected the social, safe, and practical characteristics of a regular organization to the cheeky, agile, and passionate characteristics of a start-up. Therefore, in practice, Innovation Lab is a holding company with a lot of autonomous subsidiaries beneath, in which all the activities take place – we call these subsidiaries “micro-companies” – each micro deep-diving into each of their own fields within new technologies, organizational development, digitalization, and facilitating innovation. In this way, we are always able to provide bespoke solutions no matter the challenge, drawing on the in-depth competencies of each micro, working on projects across countries, fields, and occupations.


Innovation Lab often works with students as interns and is especially relevant to students wanting to explore how an organization can also be. As an intern at Innovation Lab, you’ll be working within a specific micro and get the opportunity to explore different areas and engage in different projects within your field of interest. Also, Innovation Lab is always open for a cup of coffee and a quick talk if you as a student are curious and want to know more about their organizational model or the work they do in the organism.