At Knowit Experience, we take pride in creating the absolute best digital experiences. If we are to translate what we do into ordinary English, then this is exactly it: the best, most intuitive, original, coherent and value-creating customer experiences. We have been doing this since 2001, and we have since replaced the well-known Creuna brand with Knowit Experience, when we were acquired by Knowit, which houses a total of 3,800 employees in the Nordic region. In other words, we worked with customer experiences and digital transformation, long before it became tired-out buzzwords. At Knowit Experience, we develop digital platforms for some of Denmark’s leading companies. We make traffic-driving platforms with world-class design and UX. And we advise on everything that has to do with digitization, customer experiences and innovation.


Although we are more passionate and ambitious than most, we are, after all, also a creative agency in the classical sense. And it shows in more than just our projects. We have a social, loose, ambitious no-bullshit-kind-of culture where it’s cool to be – both in and out of work. We challenge each other – both professionally and over a game of table tennis.


As the Nordic region’s largest digital agency, we create digital customer experiences and effective solutions together with our customers. We have more than 900 digital strategists, designers, brand and content specialists, UX’ers and developers who together set the standard for effective and inspiring customer experience across touchpoints such as web, mobile and social media.

With us, you will meet the self-made designer, the sharp tech expert, the academic UX’er, the creative content producer and everything in between. We have experienced rats that were involved back when HTML5 was viewed upon with skepticism. We have fresh out of school graduates who come with curious eyes. We are about as many women as men. We have coffee lovers and chai fans. We have singles, parents of young children and divorced. We have vegans, hunters, and farmers. We’re pretty much just a modern version of a Benetton commercial.