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SEGES Innovation..

is an innovation company that works every day towards sustainable agricultural and food production. We aim to ensure the balance between using and protecting the Earth’s resources for the benefit of current and future generations. We integrate professional insights with digital competencies and technologies, enabling knowledge to be applied in the barn, in the field, at the desk, and throughout the entire value chain.

If you want to contribute to a sustainable future, then keep reading.



As a student, you collaborate on projects within your field of study and contribute to our vision of creating the future of sustainable food.



Our Values

Courage, heart, and depth constitute the foundation of SEGES Innovation.


We are courageous when we challenge ourselves and each other to achieve shared success, allowing our ambitious and innovative solutions to pave the way forward.


We bring heart to our endeavors, passionately pursuing common goals and caring for one another, dedicatedly collaborating with our customers and partners to create value.


We attain depth when our diverse expertise creates a unique professional environment, and our ability to combine expert knowledge with practice is world-class. For us, values serve as a compass guiding our actions and decisions.


Balance in Life

There must be balance in both work and personal life. At SEGES Innovation, we aim to support your development to fit your situation. Your work hours will be arranged to accommodate both your studies and exams.


Room for Great Diversity

Both as Individuals and in Expertise SEGES Innovation boasts a wide range of expertise, with everyone contributing their unique knowledge to our important agenda. We have many specialists in agricultural sciences, communication, economics, and digital profiles.